Julie and Pete recently moved to a new supported living project, Leigh Road. Below they talk about moving in and getting to know their support workers:

Julie: It was a big change for me. I lived in my old house for 50 years. I’m getting settled in now.

I like Annette a lot. And Yvonne as well. It was a dream come true.

Pete: Giulia took me on days our with Amira, one of my support workers, to get to know her. We went to the zoo.

Two or three days later, I had another knock at the door. It was Annette! We had fun.

Julie: Me and Yvonne go a long way together. We like our bedrooms. I share a flat with Monica.

Pete: We do baking with Mark. And Kareoke.

Pete and Julie writing this post!

Pete and Julie writing this post!