The gardening group currently having a break due to bad weather.We are deciding what we will be doing in January .Savas really wants to know if the fox has finally left our garden alone because it really done some damage.We put fencing around mostly were it kept digging up our plot losing us a lot of enjoyable VEG.We also had to contend with kids playing football potatoes getting blight, things being eaten by slugs & snails.Weather not making up it,s mind etc etc .We will be dividing the plots into sections & will individually be working on our own section? or unless someone doesn’t turn up or can,t be bothered (Stanley).

Savas would like to grow carrots.Ian wants to grow broad beans & corn.Stanley would like to grow tomatoes lettuce.Just waiting on Charles? we need to fertilise the plots with compost to enriched the earth so we get a bountiful crop.We might use Savas as a scarecrow? Carol says she would like to grow potatoes & cucumbers,she can,t bend very well because of a back condition but is willing to give out orders!We are also aiming to get another award for our BRILLIANT efforts.Just like to mention Charles made me a proper Charlie cup of tea! I threw the others in flower pots ha ha.Charles wants to grow water cress & onions.

By Ian Spencer garden volunteer.
Savaas and Ian