christian 3

My name is Christian Carrillo and I like to travel in London.

When I am not working with London Buses, it gives me enjoyment when I go on all T.F.L network.

When I work with them I am in Edmonton Green in N9.

I look out for call outs and if there is an incident response we go out in the van to put out a diversion board.

We also close bus stops in Enfleld, Tottenham , Waltham Cross and Palmers Green and at the office at the bus station. I like looking after it and helping  getting people around.

This year is the year of London Buses in 2014 with events all a cross the capital  to mark 1oo years of routes from all parts of London.


This is one of the London Buses incident response units that we have in Edmonton Green Bus station. Please  note its is called bus operations not network operations anymore and we also have a bus infrastructure staff car  in red with London buses logo. This van is seen outside the old Woolworths In Brixton SW4.


this route replace 22a and 22b  in February 1998 and also as a 24 hour  and it’s past outside  my  house in Clapton Park.