My trip to see Wicked In theatre

It was a Wednesday and me and Munpreet  decided on taking the cab to see Wicked . I had always been interested  in seeing Wicked because I’d heard such great stuff about the show. The journey there wasn’t that far. I remember having to get to Victoria station and the Theatre was Apollo  Victoria Theatre . Then  once we got inside we got some sweets and drinks and found our seats. I remember thinking about how many people were in there. I remember also thinking I’m  glad I picked 2:30pm to go see it because  there won’t be many people how wrong was I :-\

… Anyways I soon forgot about the people when the lights went down , it was a REALLY Incredible Show … The story is based on the Witch but I don’t believe her to be a bad person she was teased because she was green and she always felt left out and had to look after her sister. Anyways she was friends with a popular girl ( but that girl I forgot her name) gets jealous because the prince is in love the witch and not her. They kill her sister & in the end she tricks them and pretends they killed her but really she’s ran away with the prince ! The Witch to me was the BEST character.  She had the BEST voice it moved me to tears nearly and her acting was great… doesn’t mean the other actors  weren’t good..

Anyways my point is check out Wicked you won’t regret it!!!!!!!

Click Here to find out more. You can also watch a video clip here