This weekend, some of our fantastic volunteers and staff took part in the Santa run – we caught up with our volunteers with them to see how it went…

1From left to right: Michael, Joseph, Bob (Head of Centre 404 Family team) Ryan and his girlfriend, Ellie.


“Working with Centre 404 has been interesting and rewarding way to help a Charity that does important work in the local borough. It was great to be able to join in with C404 in the Santa run and raise some cash for the Kids party and sensory room.”


“Volunteering with Centre 404 in 2013 has been a great experience and raising some money by taking part in a fun event like the Santa Run seemed like the perfect way to close out the year”



“On Sunday the 8th of December me and my parents got on the train to head to Mile End to meet up with the other runners. When we got there we had to line up  for a Santa costume. We put the costume on and then we had a group photo.  Then we split up with Ryan and Michael running and Amy, me and Bob walked. Bob thought that there 2000 Santa’s that day.  We did the 5K route but some people did the 10K and were taking their Santa’s suits off because there were getting so hot! I wore my Centre 404 T-shirt  underneath my Santa suit which had my name on it and when I walked past people called my name “Joseph!” On the walk,  I saw a little girl dressed as a Elf and a guy dressed as Rudolf. I also saw lots of small dogs running alongside the Santa’s. I finished the walk in 1 hour and then we got a  medal! I enjoyed it a lot and I’d like to do it again next year.”

6Joseph and Bob7Bob and Joseph