We’d like to introduce two new people to the group: June and Darryl. Here they tell us a little more about themselves.


June shows us her typing skills.

My name is June. I used to come to Centre 404 as a volunteer and doing after school club. I am a comedian and I should be on television being a comedian.

Hey guys. My name is Darryl  but I prefer my family & friends to call me “Dee”. I have a cool-headed, kind & laid-back personality, according to what my family & friends tell me. I am also a patient guy as well, however, my patience obviously don’t last THAT long with my little siblings around, which my family thinks I’m a little bit short-tempered at times.

I like to watch Documentaries, News, Movies, Comedies, Cartoons & Sports. I especially like Comedies, Cartoons & Sports because comedy is based on my personality, I specifically like Manga, superhero, comic & comedy cartoons and I like a lot of sports as well.

My interests & hobbies are watching TV, playing video games & board games, hanging out with my friends, skateboarding, listening to music, BBQ, picnic, bodybuilding, basketball, jogging, athletics, animating & drawing.

In the future, I want to become a Manga Artist but if don’t become a Manga Artist, I want to become a Fitness Instructor instead, as my backup plan.