June, Charles and Stephen, our Centre 404 volunteers went to Islington Council On Thursday morning to help the Short Breaks team (Richard Wells and Ian McDonald) with a mail out. While there, June and Charles interviewed Richard Wells the Short Breaks Manager.

June: Do you live in the area?

Richard: No, I get the overground train.

June: What is your job title?

Richard: Short Breaks (SB) manager. I manage the contracts between Islington council and different SB providers like Centre 404.

June: Do you employ many volunteers in the area?

Richard: This is the first time we have used volunteers to help us with this kind of work. And sometimes we get parents involved.

June: And from my point of view the best thing was that after 3 ½ hours no  one  had any paper cuts!

Charles helps sort the fliers

Charles helps sort the fliers


Ian McDonald said it was the quickest we have done it –we did 550 envelopes in 3 1/2 hours.

In each envelope there was a letter 5 other pieces of paper and 4-5 leaflets about different  groups that provide short breaks like Centre 404.

I asked Richard if he liked his job he said yes it is great.

He likes lots of things about his job and knows that the Short Break activities make a difference to families and children. He has been doing his job for almost 2 years. He gets paid for working 35 hours a week, but works longer when there is lots on. They stay until the job gets done.

In return for our help lslington Council gave us a donation  to help support  the work of Centre 404.

Thank you very much Richard and Ian!

Charles is working so fast he is a blur

Charles is working so fast that he is a blur