The group explored the Centre 404 garden this week and reported their experiences below.



A group of us went for a walk in the garden to find out what we could find as we milled around.  Over in the corner were two sheds with the gardener’s equipment inside by an old wheel.  As we squelched around this winter time, we found the new daffodil shoots coming through the soil.  (A contrast to this was the herbs (tomato, pepper,thyme, basil) planted today, cultivated in a cold frame.)  The whole feel of the garden was in tune with a premature welcoming of spring even though the temperature was quite cold.



Our secret garden.

I found it cold as the admin and social media group went to look around garden at centre 404. We noted that there was a Big wheel hidden at back of the garden. I asked Tracy what it was she said it was called a dumb waiter.



I took pictures of what I saw in the garden.

The new shoots of the flowers coming up.

Took pictures of the berries & there was some flowers around.

Had a smell of lavender leaves & learnt that they could be good to help you sleep.

I saw & learnt about a dumb waiter.

The grass was very muddy , not nice.

I saw & took pictures of the compost bin.



There are lots of different greens. It smells nice. I did hose watering, mowing the lawn, sweeping leaves, raking and digging.

There are tools in the shed.

P1010010 P1010013 All pictures taken by Caroline F