June, Joan and Ryan, our social media volunteers interviewed Andrew and Paolo, two members of our Wednesday Men’s Group to find out what makes it so special.

Like our Friday Night Disco, our Men’s Group receives no funding but it is a vital service for the people who attend it. Scroll down for the interview. June and Ryan asked the questions and June transcribed the interviews. All came up with the questions.

ImageImageThe crew: Paolo Falzone, Joseph Greene and Andrew Naylor 

ImageImageImageImageWhat do you talk about in the Men’s Group?

Andrew: Any stuff, gossip.

Paolo: All sorts of stuff – I like the men’s group.

Why do you go to the Men’s group?

Andrew: To make new friends

Paolo: If I don’t go I’ll get bored at home. I like all the people at the group and I like helping the staff: Aubrey, Alison and Tim

What kind of activities do you do?

Andrew: Going out to pubs and parks, staying in to make food, crazy golf

Paolo: Watching DVD’s, cooking, go to bowling, golf, restaurant, cinema and pubs

Do you have friends in the Men’s Group?

Andrew: Yes, Paolo, Joseph and Christian

Paolo: Yes, Andrew, Joseph, Peter, Perry and Sadak

What do you get out of the Men’s Group?

Andrew: It’s good and I like it, I’m going next Wednesday. The food is also nice.

Paolo: I like the people, polite people who always help me to tidy up

What football team do you support?

Andrew: Spurs

Paolo: Don’t like football, I like gardening and helping people. Tottenham.

Ryan, our Chelsea fan, walks out at this point briefly.