tube collection 2

tube collection 1 We spoke to the volunteers who gave up their time to do a Christmas collection at the Highbury and Islington tube station to help us raise money for a brand new mini-bus for our club members. Decked out in Christmas hats and Centre 404 t-shirts, the volunteers managed to raise £550 – the most ever raised in a collection for Centre 404!

This is what they had to say…

“I think we done quite well. It was busy but not too bad.” Christian on the 12-2pm shift

“I liked it, it was good. I got up  early especially. We got quite a lot of money.” Andrew on the 8-10am shift

“Best part was raising the money for the new minibus. It is pretty old and keeps breaking down.  I would like to give it a go the next time. I like raising a lot of money for different things. It was the first time I  did  a tube  collection  and it was really  good. I enjoyed it.” Charles was there for around 4 hours

“On 13 December  a group  of people  went  to  Highbury & Islington station. A lot of people gave as money like  ten pound notes. I was there for seven hours asking Katy for a cup off tea or coffee because it was very cold. I told Katy that I was not leaving and till eight! People come up to us asking why we are collecting and we said we are collecting for new mini-bus for people with a disability. I don’t mind doing it again with everyone. Put me down first for all day or evening for when the Arsenal supporters come. I can’t wait!” June was there for an epic 7 hours!

Thanks to all our great volunteers who helped out on the day: Andrew, Joseph, Christian, Charles, June, Lee, Jackie, David, Linda, Kevin and Glaiza!

The volunteers all said they would like to go to the Arsenal to do a collection there…except possibly for Andrew who is a Tottenham supporter (but he might be willing to switch sides for one day only)